Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are your systems?

We encourage you to read our

What happens to my data and the system if something happens to Yourefolio?

Your data is preserved on our servers. We have the capabilities to deliver your information back to you in a format that is usable. We can also deliver the software to you but we will be unable to maintain it.

What are the methods of payments accepted?

We only accept credit card payments. We will always address special requests on a one-on-one basis.

What happens if I am unavailable and my clients need access to their data?

Clients have 24/7 access to all their information and documents, provided you have granted them access to their account.

If I decide I don’t want to use your service anymore, how can I get the information transferred to me?

Information that lays in our general database cannot be packaged and delivered. However, if you have a private label agreement we can deliver the information to you upon termination of your subscription.

How is your pricing so low?

We do our best to keep our prices low and consistent with industry rates. Since we have our own dedicated servers and are not cloud based we are able to deliver lower pricing.

Do you provide legal advice?

We do not provide legal advice, legal suggestions, or act in any capacity of a lawyer. We do give helpful hints and suggestions, but it should never be construed as legal advice.

Can you provide referrals to those who use your service?

We do not provide referrals currently. We are constantly updating our software and this may be a possibility in the future.

How is your training?

Training is unlimited. We make sure that you have the proper training to effectively use Yourefolio in your practice. We provide one-on-one live training as well as any training documents. Feel free to book a training today.

My clients won’t participate in this type of system, how can I get them to?

We understand that not all clients are tech savvy and are resistant to change. However, we will do our best to help you implement the software into your practice, if necessary. We have several reference pieces to provide guidance on how to incorporate Yourefolio in your practice.

Who are you integrated with?

Visit our integrations page to see our current integrations.

Are these the only integrations you have?

Our intention to integrate with every system possible. Be patient, if you don’t see the integration you desire we will get it eventually.

Who is this software for, attorneys or advisors?

It is for anyone who provides estate planning as part of their service offering. It is not for a specific professional, but it provides an aspect of planning for multiple professions. Each profession uses various aspects of the platform which fit their business needs. Our professional userbase is comprised of Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Insurance Professionals and Certified Financial Planners®, Banks and Large Financial Institutions.

Does your system create legal documents?

Our system does not produce documents at this time.

My clients like paper, can I print the information in your site?

Yes, everything that you may want to provide in a printable format is printer friendly. While some items may be difficult to scale due to the amount of information (such as flowcharts or the plan design summary) they are printable.

If you do not see the question you need addressed or an answer is not clear, feel free to email us at